getting started

what is my manual for?

there are lots of ways in which you can use a manual of me

perhaps you're joining a new team, or perhaps you're about to inherit a new team

maybe you're just wanting to understand more about how you work

if you're not sure, that's fine too.

you can always come back and change it later.

and each use has it's own set of guides to help you complete it

Pick your use

/ step one

what is your manual for?

what's this?

Select the reason you'd like to build a Manual of Me, and how you might use it.

You can come back to change this at any time, you won't lose any of your content.

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I want to better understand how I work best
I'm about to join a new team, and will use this to introduce myself
I'm looking for new teams and will use this to explain how i work best
I'm part of an existing team that I’d like to understand me better
Not sure yet.