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The basics you should know about me are ...

It’s the simple stuff, like your name, your job title, where you sit, and what you’re here to do.
I'm Matthew - an independent strategy partner. I'm a father of two, and have been working in the marketing, communications, product and experience business for over 25 years. I live in London, and am a coffee nerd.

Three things I’ve done recently which I’m proud of are …

Share some recent achievements that you’re particularly proud of, and why you’re proud of them.
Three projects I'm really proud of recently: Founding the Leapers Community - almost 500 people who all want to take active control over the future of their work Make Brave Happen - establishing a radically improved culture of innovation at my previous agency in challenging times. Going Independent - it hasn't been easy, but I'm super proud of being able to take the leap into working with people directly.

I add value to teams by …

What is it that you bring to the team which is the most useful?
I'm a brilliant catalyst for getting to better work. I bring fresh perspective, whilst getting under the skin of why a problem exists. I'm an action strategist - which means I'll bring the best value from before the project, helping to identify the actual problem, working with others to design a brilliant solution, and then love getting my hands dirty and starting to create prototypes to prove the strategy works. I'm endlessly curious, and love bringing people together to create something which is really good.

People often say I’m brilliant at …

What do others say that you're great at?
- Seeing new opportunities - Rapidly understanding the real problem - Connecting dots to get to new thinking - Making things to test an idea - Knowing who can help us build something better

My absolute requirements to do great work are ...

What are your essentials for working?
1. A team which wants to work in a different way - not just do it how its always been done. 2. Clarity of our aim, and focus on it. 3. Someone working with me - I'm not a lone ranger, but part of your team. 4. A clear deadline and pressure. 5. Commitment to good work, and removing the barriers to that.

I’m really looking for …

What is it that you really are trying to do in and at work?
A group of people to work with who want to explore the future and make it happen sooner and better.
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